scoop ice cream

EVEREST Everest have been producing premium ice cream and gelati for over 60 years. Everest are the #1 ice-cream supplier to restaurants, hotels, cinemas and cafés in the country! With over 60 flavours in the Everest range, there is a flavour for everyone. Whether it's premium ice cream, artisan gelati or sorbet, get in touch to check out their extensive range!

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Acai bowl

AMAZONIA Amazonia are the industry leaders in Açaí and all things superfoods. We are proud distribution partners and have worked with Amazonia since day 1

coconut yoghurt

COYO Organic & vegan yoghurts and ice cream, COYO products are rich in vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. 100% Australian owned and made locally on the Sunshine Coast.


Australian owned and Australian made. Supercubes are revolutionising the Smoothie industry.

Bambino cones

BRAVO GELATO Bravo Gelato has been offering premium gelato for over 20years. Offering a range or premium gelato, Bambino cones, food service dairy and retail products, there is a Bravo product for every occasion.

Coco Coast

Coco Coast are shaking up the Coconut water industry by focusing on both taste and nutrition. Their 500ml can range offers some of the best tasting Coconut water products including a delicious Watermelon water!

IQF Frozen Fruit

IQF FROZEN FRUIT We stock a variety of frozen fruits, frozen berries and fruit puree's. Check out our range or if there's something in particular you want, let us know and we can source it for you.

frozen avocado

HPP Frozen Avocado Our HPP Frozen Avocado product is packaged using the latest in high pressure processing, cold pasteurisation technology. This means you get 100% chunky avocado that contains no acids, no preservatives & no additives. Giving you with a premium avocado product that offers consistency of product & price, year round.

farmer jo

Farmer Jo utilise only the best ingredients to make amazing Granolas and Muesli that taste even better than they look!

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scoop ice cream
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coconut ice cream
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