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Thermofreeze is a family-owned and operated, local business with over 100 years combined experience in the cold storage & distribution industry.

Partnering with Australia's most awarded Ice cream & Gelato manufacturers,

we are a one-stop shop for wholesale Ice Cream, Gelato & Sorbet and have products in all variety of forms for use across multiple industries.

Thermofreeze are the QLD Everest Ice Cream distributors and we hold the full portfolio of Everest products including:

  • Portion controlled Dixie Cups

  • Traditional Italian Desserts

  • Retail Ice Cream & Gelato tubs

  • 5L Gourmet Ice Cream, 5L Artisan Gelato, 5L Sorbet.

  • 5L & 10L Food service Ice Cream 

  • 10L Juice Bar Frozen Yoghurt & Sorbets

We also have our own range of premium IQF fruits, berries & purees sourced from the best farms both locally and around the world. Our Ice Cream, frozen fruits and berries are used by cafes, juice bars, scoop shops, restaurants, espresso bars & cinemas all over Queensland and Australia.

We service customers across the greater Brisbane region, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, multiple times a week with our own fleet of ice cream emblazoned, GPS monitored, freezer trucks and utilising our distribution networks, send our products to our customers all over Queensland and Northern NSW, every week.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop wholesale supplier for all your ice cream

& frozen goods, a premium cold storage facility, a maybe an efficient 

3PL distributor, get in touch with us via the link below!

Our facility is located in Hemmant, Brisbane

(just near the gateway bridge and south of the brown snake)

A little about us...

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Chocolate ice cream double scoop in a waffle cone